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Michael Phelps' Journey to Athens 2004

To the Olympics!

Michael Phelps Journey to Athens
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Michael Phelps

Height: 6 ft. 4in.
Weight: 195
From: Baltimore, MD
Trains: Baltimore, MD
Birthday: June 30, 1985
High School: Towson 2003
Club: North Baltimore AC
Sponsors: Speedo
Parents: Fred and Debbie Phelps
Siblings: 2 sisters, Whitney and Hillary
Favourite music: Rap (DMX)
Favourite movie: Austin Powers

- Only person to ever break five world records at one meet
- won FINA trophy at 2003 World Championships as top swimmer
- only man to win five U.S. National titles at the same Championships
- only man to ever win a U.S. National title in three different strokes
at one national championship
- youngest member of 2000 Olympic Game
- youngest male Olympian since 1932
- Swimmer of the year 2001 (USA Swimming)


Welcome to PHELPS2ATHENS. Cheer our boy all the way!

Please post race results in an LJ-cut. Some of us work all the time, and some of us are on different time zones. We want to see the results for ourselves.

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