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October 29th fans of swimming meet up: Michigan

Swimfen is having meetups at the following UofM swim meets:
Friday October 29    @EMU    6pm
Friday November 19  @MSU  6pm
Friday January 21    @UofM  (against Northwestern)  6pm
Saturday January 22  @UofM  (against Indiana)  1pm

If you're in the area and want to meet up with fellow fans of swimming please swing by and participate in our poll

And before it's said, and it always is,
Yes we know Phelps isn't on the team because he's a pro
Yes we know the odds of him being there aren't glorious
No we don't particularly care...we have Vanderkaay and we're more than alright with that.

As for the meet up itself;
This isn't just us college gals and it's not all squealing fangirls although we can't all be held fully responsible for what certain sights may do to us.
Any age fan is more than welcome to come and support their team of choice or just the sport in general.

We're hoping for a great turn out ^_^
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